I built a Bamboo bike! (and then broke it)

12 July 2020

I am very proud to present to you my coolest project to date: My very own Bamboo bike!

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Building a fingerboard!

13 April 2020

As you may already know, I am really passionate about climbing! And during the confinement, going to the climbing gym is clearly not an option... So how could I keep up my training, especially my shoulder and finger strength? By building my owner hang board of course!

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12 April 2020

While we've been confined for a while in our homes, health workers, pharmacists, but also general store employees and transporters have been working hard in France to keep the country runnning. The penury of masks and protective equipment has been terrible, and people couldn't wait for standard supplies to arrive. Makers all around the world have thus been printing face shields, sewing makeshift masks and even gowns out of household materials such as garbage bags, to equip people with no other choice but to expose themselves to the risk of contamination.

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CR-10 Upgrades, Part 2

22 March 2018

Here we go with a new batch of upgrades for my Creality CR10 printer! I've ordered some great new components, found some great mods on Thingiverse, and most importantly, I've set up Octoprint for my printers. Let's get to it!

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Optitrack Mounting System

16 February 2018

Here's an interesting project I've worked on: One of my colleagues works on a project where an Optitrack motion system is used to track the deformation of the liver during an open surgery. The optitrack is a system composed of multiple infrared cameras that can reliably track small markers in 3D. The issue with this system is that the setup needs to be calibrated to find the extrinsic parameters of the cameras (their position relative to each other). This is something that is normally computed once, but if the system moves, everything has to be recalibrated. In this project, the...

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Creality CR-10 Upgrades

25 January 2018

Back in October, I ordered a 3D printer! It's a creality CR-10, a cheap chinese model, with a large 30x30cm build plate. It cost me less than 300€ on Gearbest. My boss asked me to look into buying a 3D printer for the team too, and given our budget and needs, a CR-10 seemed again to be appropriate: We will mainly use it to print molds for human organs. Those are relatively large parts, and a 300x300mm build plate come in handy. Honestly, I do not personally need a 3D printer. while it might come in handy in future projects,...

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Dolly MK2 clone

10 December 2017

My colleague Christoph Paulus was interested in buying a 3D printer, and I was interested in building one. I stumbled upon a video series by Thomas Sanladerer on youtube and we decided to get into the adventure. Also, a friend of mine who owns a prusa modified the frame for more stability, following this post from thingiverse and we decided to add this mod to our clone. Pricing If you are patient, almost all the required parts can be bought for peanuts on AliExpress. Just be aware that shipping can take up to 2 months.Finally, you will need 3D printed...

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3D printed static mixer

14 November 2017

I've done a lot of casting recently, trying to find the right material to mimick the behavior of organs tissues. My goal here is to build a phantom of the human liver that could be used for needle insertion. Some percutaneous procedures involve inserting a needle inside an organ to ablate a tumor. These procedures can be delicate and it's therefore a good idea for a surgeon to first train on synthetic data before working a human... Sadly, silicone is a very, very dense material, and thus shows a great axial resistance when trying to insert a needle into it....

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A silicon liver phantom

19 July 2017

I'd like to share a failed experiment I worked on in my lab, during my free time. In the context of my current project, we decided to try to build a phantom of the human liver that would mimmick the opacity of liver tissues under xrays. For those who don't know the context of the project and are interested in the why, you can take a look at the IHU project I'm currently working on HERE. The idea is to build a liver model that would look like an actual liver, in terms of shape; be deformable preferably, in a...

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