Building a fingerboard!

13 April 2020

As you may already know, I am really passionate about climbing! And during the confinement, going to the climbing gym is clearly not an option... So how could I keep up my training, especially my shoulder and finger strength? By building my owner hang board of course!

As a kid, back in elementary school, my dream job was to work with wood and to become a cabinetmaker... And while that obviously isn't the case anymore, I've always found wood to be a very noble material, and I enjoy working with it even more now that I have a 3D printer, as it made me recognise the value of this beautiful raw product of nature.

Back then, my parents recognised my passion for woodworking, and even let me buy with my pocket money a scroll saw. When I moved to Lille, I took advantage of finally having a garage to get my own workshop, and brought back from my parent's place my old scroll saw with me, along with some wood scissors and files, and I finally had a nice project, and some time to put those to good use!

To be honest this project was really improvised, and not much thought went into the building process... but I'm happy it worked out very well! I used some joist boards that I salvaged from the workbench I built early 2019 to hook it up in my apartment without damaging the walls, and used an old oak wood board that I found rotting in the basement of my apartment when I moved in
I also reused some 8mm threaded rods salvaged from the base of a Prusa MK2 that a friend of mine tossed away, after replacing it with aluminium profiles, to serve as long and robust screws to hold the whole thing together.

The result is kind of ugly and unprofessional to be honest, but it's sturdy, practical and I'm now using it everyday!